Price Break on ALL Apple Wireless Headphones

A revolution is taking place on online sales sites for all Apple AirPods headsets. It’s time to choose your favorite model and acquire it at a very low price.

Since the release of the first AirPods models on December 13, 2016, Apple’s famous earbuds have continued to enjoy great success over the course of their successive technical improvements. Originally wired, and responding to the name of EarBuds, the arrival of Bluetooth technology has turned the use of headsets that have since become wireless.

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The AirPods were born. Today, the Apple brand offers the 2.3 and Pro models. All models come with a MagSafe box with its own battery, whose role is to store and recharge the headsets. This method of use, now common, was at the time a real revolution.

Take advantage of the offer on Apple AirPods Pro

The online sales site Rakuten offers you to acquire the Apple AirPods Pro at the sacrificed price of only 196.90 euros, instead of the usual 369 euros. The AirPods Pro model is the most technologically advanced version. Everything has been implemented by Apple so that they adapt to all ear morphologies.

For this, 3 silicone tips of different sizes are delivered with the earpieces. The user chooses the model best suited for him and only has to clip it on the headphones. The H1 microprocessor, developed by Apple and present in each earphone, can then come into action. Its first mission is to eliminate all ambient sounds in order to immerse you in an immersive silence. For this, microphones record the surrounding noises, which are retransmitted to your ears but with an opposite phase. The result is final, the sounds cancel each other out and silence reigns.

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Fall for the offer on the latest Apple AirPods 3!

Very popular, you can now acquire the AirPods 3 at a very low price. Indeed, if they are usually sold at 219 euros, the online sales site Amazon offers you the Apple AirPods 3 at only 179 euros. If you work outdoors or play sports, you’ll be happy to know that the AirPods 3 are resistant to rain and sweat, as their IPX4 certification attests.

The same goes for their MagSafe charging case. Like the Pro models, the 3rd generation models have a battery life of up to 6 hours, which is pushed to 30 hours thanks to the charging case. The commands are made using a pressure sensor but you can also use the Siri voice command. AirPods 3 immerse you in a three-dimensional environment thanks to the spatial audio system with dynamic head tracking.

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The Apple AirPods 2 are also seeing their price drop

Also managed by the Apple H1 microprocessor, the AirPods 2 headsets are enjoying undiminished commercial success. Take advantage of a 27% discount thanks to this promotional offer offered by Rakuten on the AirPods 2, delivered with their charging case, and sold at only 129 euros instead of the usual 179 euros.

Weighing only 4 grams, the earbuds are discreet and comfortable to wear. The controls are easy to use and we find compatibility with the Siri voice command. Their comfortable autonomy of 5 hours increases to more than 24 hours thanks to the charging case. Like the other models, you don’t have to take your smartphone out of your pocket to make or receive calls. Sensors allow AirPods 2 to turn on as soon as you place them in your ears. No action on your part is necessary.

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