Prime Video takes a drastic decision in the face of waves of negative reviews

Eight years after the conclusion of the Hobbit, Middle-earth welcomes new travelers. On September 2, Prime Video unveiled the first two episodes of Rings of Powerfrom the universe of Lord of the Rings and inspired by the work of JRR Tolkien. The events presented in the series take place almost three thousand years before those of the films directed by Peter Jackson.

Many fans of the genre expressed their pleasure following the discovery of the first two episodes. “It’s a work of art… The graphic slap, the production of CRAZY! Can’t wait for episode 3” or “What a visual slap. The story takes its time to develop well as well as to introduce us to the characters of the series and the soundtrack is incredible, a magnificent first episode“, could we read on Twitter. If the craze was undeniable around the Rings of Power, some were much more severe with the series. This is particularly the case of those who are called “trolls”, specialists in destructive comments aimed solely at lowering the ratings of a work. The Rings of Power was not spared, in particular because of the presence of characters of color in the different ethnic groups of the series, from elves to dwarves via the Pievelus. To counter this major problem, Amazon has taken matters into its own hands by putting a radical system in place.

Now, as Variety points out, user reviews on the platform are subject to verification within 72 hours before they appear online or not. The goal is for Amazon to determine whether or not this is a real review, or if it comes from a bot (fake account). Comments are also carefully checked, with the aim of differentiating between genuine and created ones “by a digital goblin“.

The Rings of Power, every Monday since September 2 on Prime Video



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