Prince Andrew was granted a privilege denied to Prince Harry for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral

ROYALTY – It seems that getting out of a complaint of sexual assault on a minor by signing a financial agreement goes better than leaving the British royal family

If the whole royal family seems to have put aside their differences for the death of the queen Elizabeth II, some members are not in the same boat. So the prince andrew is entitled to wear his military dress for his mother’s final wake at Westminster Hall. An exceptional derogation, since the Duke of York was fallen of all his titles and decorations after the Epstein scandal.

The queen’s son had been accused of having had non-consensual sex with a minor provided by the pedophile businessman. A complaint that has never been judged, since Prince Andrew preferred to spend a financial agreement with his accuser. Since then, he no longer has any official function within the British royal family and must, therefore, be dressed in civilian clothes during official events.

Two weights, two measures

It is therefore a privilege that is granted to him, but to which the prince harry. The queen’s grandson has also returned to civilian life, asking to no longer be a senior member of the royal family. He therefore no longer has the right to wear his military uniforms… and it will remain so, even for his grandmother’s funeral.

Rather good prince, Harry reacted(…) Read more at 20 minutes

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