Prince Harry and Meghan Markle cause scandal with their behavior

New scandal for prince harry and Meghan Markle. The heinous “crime” of the Sussexes, this time around? Holding hands during the funeral procession of Elizabeth II to Westminster Hall. It’s no joke: the fact that the couple held hands during the funeral of the Duke’s grandmother did indeed cause a social media scandal.

“Harry and Meghan holding hands at the exit of Westminster Hall, it is a lack of respect”, for example job a Twitter user, while another has writing : “Harry and Meghan holding hands in the Westminster Hall motorcade was totally inappropriate. I’m all for affection, but there’s a time and a place.”

So… Serious breach of protocol? Or an understandable gesture of affection given the circumstances?

Two weights, two measures

If Harry and Meghan have been widely criticized, some observers have not hesitated to point out the hypocrisy of the controversy. Indeed, another royal couple was photographed doing the same. It is Zara Tindalcousin of Harry and daughter of princess anneand her husband Mike also chose to hold hands in the procession.

“Why is there so much rage about a wife comforting her grieving husband? I see nothing wrong with holding hands during a ceremony, to bring comfort. Other royals were holding hands, so why pick on Harry and Meghan? “, its questioned a twitter.

Why so much hate? the LA Times may have found part of the solution: according to the newspaper, which cites Bot Sentinel, an account that analyzes network data, 70% of hate messages against Meghan Markle come from barely 83 Twitter accounts, which cumulate approximately 17 million subscribers…

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