Prince Laurent humorously talks about the wedding of his niece, Maria Laura (video)

Prince Laurent is known for his humorous escapades. And he has just once again reinforced this image. It is on the social networks of his foundation that this is happening. The prince has just shared a video in which he invites citizens to go to the Families & Doggies Day, which will be held at the Château du Val Saint-Lambert in Seraing.

In the video, Prince Laurent is installed slumped in an armchair, a magazine Belgium Geographic in the hands. This name means nothing to you ? It’s a parody of the National Geographic. The cover of the magazine is also full of second degree since it puts in images the prince next to an octopus. This is a reference to a very famous interview given a few years ago. The title of the review confirms it:The Prince has finally managed to speak with the octopus!“But the Prince does not stop there.

“Dad, what are we doing this weekend?

To this question, Prince Laurent answers that he will go to the wedding of William and Kate. Regal humor.What I’m talking about is Laura and William.(Maria LauraEd). For Sunday, his program is all found. The Prince will be present in Seraing for a free event that is particularly close to his heart. People present on site will be able to eat thanks to many food trucks and have fun through many animations. A raffle will also take place.

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