Producer Jon Landau delivers some images and details

While the first Avatar comes out in theaters this Wednesday in a breathtaking new version, the producer Jon Landau came to Paris to present the first images ofAvatar, the way of the water of james cameron which will be in theaters on December 14. Twenty minutes of total immersion and fabulous 3D shots of which a strict embargo prohibits revealing the details. We can only say one thing: it’s going to rock!

“I would like viewers to completely forget about technology when they see the film,” Jon Landau told 20 minutes. The producer, who has worked with James Cameron for titanic (1997) was able to follow all the changes in this area in the company of the filmmaker. “I would call these changes evolution rather than revolution,” he says. Fantastic creatures already give strong desire.

Films independent of each other

The action of The Way of the Water takes place ten years later Avatar. “It is not essential to see the first film again, but it helps to get into the bath”, specifies Jon Landau. And then we will not sulk his pleasure: the remastered version is so beautiful that it is hard to believe that the film was made thirteen years ago. James Cameron and him waited to have finished the scripts of the three sequels and to have shot a large part of these films to come out The Way of the Water to know exactly where they were going. “The actors and the whole team know the fate of the characters,” he explains. But each film can be seen independently. »

The images he came to show plunge the viewer back into the civilization of the Na’vis on the planet Pandora. We find the Sully family and their children there for new adventures. “The film is about adults but also about mixed-race teenagers who are looking for their place in the world”, insists Jon Landau. A theme that touches James Cameron as much as the total immersion of the public in his aquatic and magical universe. “This film should encourage the public to return to cinemas, predicts the producer. It is designed to deliver a sublime cinematic experience. “We are all the more inclined to believe it since the rare sequences viewed left the first spectators in apnea, devoured by impatience to see the rest of this sequel.

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