Prohibited advertising for meat, a world first?

What one might think of as an anti-vegetarian fight actually comes from a proposal by the local environmentalist party GroenLinks… to fight against greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. And Ziggy Klazes, the councilor behind this motion tabled at the end of last year, is the first to be surprised by this storm of reactions.

Interviewed by NH Nieuws, she explains that as other cities have already done (Amsterdam and The Hague for example), Haarlem wanted to avoid advertisements on public spaces such as bus shelters for example which would promote fossil fuels. But the adviser proposed adding bans on travel and industrial meat advertisements, which are two major sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

Greenpeace research shows that meat consumption needs to be reduced to 24 kg per person each year to meet the EU’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. The average is 75.8 kg in the Netherlands. Bas, which are also the largest meat exporter in the EU.

The proposal was approved by the municipal council and the alderman contacted the bus shelter operators in order to stop putting these advertisements (from 2024, current contracts cannot be terminated).

Haarlem therefore does not prohibit meat, but advertising, at certain places managed by the City, for meat from factory farming.

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