Qatar allows alcohol around stadiums for the 2022 World Cup / Mondial 2022 / Qatar /

Health !

Major debate among the various bans in force in Qatar, the consumption of alcohol should finally be possible during the World Cup. Well… possible to a certain extent. The Reuters news agency specifies that it will be possible for people with tickets to buy alcoholic beer only around the stadiums, from three hours before kick-off. Outside the VIP area (obviously), the consumption of alcohol will be prohibited inside the eight stadiums of the competition.

But the third half promises to be short since it will be possible to go out and buy beer up to an hour after the end of the match. Always strictly around the stadium. On public roads, alcohol remains prohibited at all times. Nevertheless, being able to buy beer within in different fan zones or in hotels should be possible.

Still need to know at what price the pint will be sold…


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