Queen Elizabeth II death: Amazingly shaped cloud over London intrigues (photo)

Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin arrived in London on Tuesday to cheers from her subjects and her son King Charles III, five days after the death of the monarch. From the double rainbow over Buckingham Palace at news of his death to the skies opening in a symbolic downpour, the elements seemed to reflect the mood of the English nation the last days.

Sunday, Eki Eguaea 37-year-old Englishman, spotted a shape in the clouds that reminded him of Her Majesty on one of her beloved horses, reports the Daily Email. The image, taken at Wembleyin north-west London, as he returned from shopping near his home, looks like pictures of a young Elizabeth in royal uniform.

This snap follows photos of several clouds that look like the Queen in her signature hats, according to the Daily Mail.

Ekiwho showed the photo of the cloud to his colleagues, said he couldn’t help but think the Queen was looking at London.

At first, I hadn’t thought of the queen. But later I thought about the fact that she was so enthusiastic about horse racing, and speaking with my colleagues we all said we felt like she was behind it all. It was really strange to see it, the cloud looked exactly like a horse with someone riding it. I was amazed when I saw it, I like to see the shape of some clouds, but this one was so special“, recounted the enthusiastic cloud watcher.

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