“Ready for the World Cup”: when Thomas Meunier also makes fun of the Devils’ new jersey!

While they have not yet been formalized by the Belgian Union, the (supposed) new Devils jerseys for the World Cup in Qatar are already causing controversy, which has been a fairly common thing in recent years.

Indeed, at the beginning of the week, the Footy Headlines site, specialist in unveiling football shirts exclusively before their official presentation, would have leaked the next Devils jerseys for the World Cup in Qatar.

And the one that intrigues the most is the first jersey, which sports the traditional colors of the Devils, red and black. On the sleeves, you can even see flames which make the jersey quite…original.

Very quickly, on social networks, many people protested this choice. Comparisons with shirts with the same symbol soon emerged as well. Thursday, it was Thomas Meunier in person who was there with his little touch of humor that we know him. In an Instagram story, the Borussia Dortmund player made fun of the jacket’s design by photographing himself with a flame-patterned shirt, like on the sleeves of the supposed new Red Devils jersey, crowned with the caption: “Ready for world Cup”.


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