Sandra Regol and Sandrine Rousseau denounce “censorship”

published on Thursday, September 15, 2022 at 3:14 p.m.

The publication of the book “Le Fin Mot de l’histoire de France en 200 expressions”, mocking Vincent Bolloré was due to appear at the end of September, it will not be released at this stage because of 15 problematic texts – a “censorship”, according to MPs Sandra Regol and Sandrine Rousseau.

The publication of a book mocking billionaire Vincent Bolloré signed by the columnist Guillaume Meurice has been suspended. The number 2 of the Greens, Sandra Regol, and the ecologist deputy, Sandrine Rousseau, denounced this Thursday, September 15 a “censorship”.

“Thus freedom of expression is slowly dying out : by these media conglomerates and their censorship”, tweeted Sandra Regol.

And the deputy to send a “message” to a possible other publisher: “Many of us want to buy and offer Guillaume Meurice’s book, especially if it is published elsewhere”. For her part, Sandrine Rousseau affirmed on France news : “When I see that Guillaume Meurice, his book was censored by Bolloré, because he had made a joke about Bolloré, there we are in censorship.Something of the order of a cultural battle of the far right the extent of which is worrying. Support Guillaume Meurice”, she added on Twitter.

The book “Le Fin Mot de l’histoire de France en 200 expressions”, published by Le Robert, will not be released at this stage, revealed The world Wednesday. The publication was originally scheduled for the end of September. Guillaume Meurice illustrated with humorous texts this work mainly written by Nathalie Gendrot, on the expressions inherited from the country’s history.

Guillaume Meurice “does not intend to change anything”

During the traditional review of the text by the legal department, it pointed out 15 texts that were problematic, including seven at high risk of legal action for defamation or insult. One of the seven targets Vincent Bolloré, regular target of Guillaume Meurice’s pikes on the antenna France Inter, indicated the Editis group, controlled by the billionaire via the Vivendi group. And six more are targeting big companies known for their attention to branding.

The group hoped that Guillaume Meurice would agree to make changes to allow the book to be published. “I don’t intend to change anything, as a matter of principle”, retorted Guillaume Meurice, joined by AFP, stressing that the publisher had also wanted him to change a text targeting Louboutin shoes “because otherwise Bernard Arnault (owner of the luxury group LVMH) would get angry”. In addition to Editis, Vivendi acquired in May the majority of the Lagardère group, the parent company of the French leader in publishing Hachette.

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