Sandrine Kiberlain and Vincent Macaigne attempt love in freedom

They have promised themselves: their meetings will only be fun and devoid of commitment. Sandrine Kiberlain and Vincent Macaigne will they hold up? This is what Emmanuel Mouret says in the moving Chronicle of a temporary liaisonpresented to Cannes film festival last May. The director of Things we say, things we do continues to speak there of love with an ever more remarkable sensitivity.

“I find that Emmanuel Mouret’s cinema matures from film to film to achieve a rare accuracy and seriousness”, declares Sandrine Kiberlain to 20 minutes. A wind of freedom much more than licentiousness blows on the relationship between this divorcee, mother of a little boy, with a married man.

A very precise director

“You don’t play with feelings with impunity”, adds Vincent Macaigne, whose character is quicker to become attached than his mistress who is determined to enjoy all the pleasures of existence. “She has an incredible life force and an unfailing optimism which makes her very likeable to me. She is much less stuck, much more free than her lover, ”insists Sandrine Kiberlain. The duo pulls out all the stops to live out their passion until an unexpected encounter changes the game.

“It is Emmanuel who gives the “the”, specifies Vincent Macaigne. It is in your interest to learn your text because he is a very, very precise director. This is felt in the virtuosity of the dialogues as in the management of silences sometimes much more speaking than words. With small delicate touches, the filmmaker captures his heroes’ moments of joy with a freedom of tone that excludes any moral lesson, without losing elegance at any time.

“He tells a film about pleasure and he takes pleasure in doing it, enthuses Sandrine Kiberlain. Emmanuel Mouret is in love with love. “It’s a romantic suspense film,” says Vincent Macaigne. The attachment that the spectator immediately feels for the heroes makes him complicit in their relationship to the point that he constantly wonders how it will evolve. Although the title gives an indication of this, Chronicle of a temporary liaison reserves many beautiful surprises bringing tears to the eyes and the heart in storm by its discreet sensuality and its delicate humor.

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