Screening for undernutrition: two Breton events to note in November

  • November 18 to 25, 2022: National Malnutrition Week

This event planned in the National Health Nutrition Plan seeks, each year since 2020, to raise awareness among citizens, caregivers and care and support professionals about the issues, preventive actions and treatments of this silent disease : hospitalized people, elderly people at home or in institutions and now, sick with covid 19.

The collective for the fight against undernutrition invites each actor to set up an awareness campaign of its public on the occasion of this week, and to make it known by registering on this labeling form ; a communication kit can then be provided to facilitate the action as much as possible. Objective: to highlight the impact on the quality of life and general condition of people suffering from undernutrition.

For more information, see the website
Registration is open until September 21!

This week is relayed in the regions by CAPPS Bretagne and ARS Bretagne.

  • November 10, 2022: annual Food/Nutrition day, organized by CAPPS Bretagne

CAPPS Bretagne is organizing a Regional “Food-Nutrition” Day on November 10, 2022 in Saint Brieuc. The theme of this meeting will focus on implementation of new recommendations for diagnosing undernutritionpublished by the French National Authority for Health.

Program and registration on the GCS CAPPS Bretagne website

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