Severely tackled by the TPMP team, Nabilla Benattia rebuffs them and savors a beautiful proof of friendship

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TPMP People was back on C8 this Saturday September 3, 2022 with a brand columnist: Ayem Nour. During this first show of the season, Matthieu Delormeau, who had a very hot summer, and his columnists returned to a story by Nabilla which shocked some. In the video, the former reality TV star turned businesswoman and influencer complains about having to take a commercial flight.

I had to take a commercial flight, because I had 15 suitcases (…) Horrors, horrors have happened to me guys…“, complained the one who would have refused to be in the jury of Dance with the stars. Matthieu Delormeau then insisted on a very particular sentence that she would have said: “Never again will I take normal flights“.

Around the table, his words shocked, but his friend Ayem came to his defense. “She was traveling for professional reasons, she had to return. She has children, it’s her way of life. She lives with certain means, it is proportional to what she earns. It’s his way of life“.

I think we lost her

A defense that does not convince the other columnists. “She used to take commercial flights, she wasn’t born with a golden spoon in her mouth…“, declares Benoit Dubois, before Isabelle Morini-Bosc finishes the one who recently gave birth to her second child: “I think we lost it…

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