should we watch this TV movie on illiteracy with Kendji Girac broadcast tonight?

This Monday, September 5, it is as an actor that viewers will discover Kendji Girac, in Champion, a television film on illiteracy. A subject that is not insignificant for the artist.

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A few days before the National Days of Action against Illiteracy (JNAI) which are being held from September 8 to 15, 2022 around UNESCO’s International Literacy Day, which will take place this Thursday, TF1 is broadcasting the TV movie Championthis Monday, September 5 from 9:15 p.m. At 24, Zack helps his father build cabins perched in the trees. When his father falls into a coma after a bad fall, this boxing enthusiast finds himself at the head of the family business, not without difficulty, because he is illiterate.

Should we watch Champion, the TV movie on illiteracy with Kendji Girac?

For his first role on television, in Champion, the singer Kendji Girac who gives the reply to AurĂ©lie Pons and with that he has an intimate scene shows a disconcerting naturalness in the skin of this carpenter unshaven and badly groomed, a boxing enthusiast, forced to reveal his illiteracy to his family and friends after his father’s accident. With great sincerity, Kendji Girac shows the difficulty of not being able to read or write and the means used to circumvent this problem in everyday life.

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Kendji Girac suffered from illiteracy

I have to say that the dad ofEva was personally affected by this problem: “I had difficulty reading and writing. I went to school but with my gypsy family, we traveled a lot. I did not have a normal schooling. So I was quite behind the other students. I left school at 14 to work with my father. When I first came to The Voice, I was struggling to read the lyrics to the songs on the prompters that were scrolling too quickly. When I won, I made spelling mistakes when I wrote my texts or signed autographs. The French language is one of the most difficult in the world.

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