Someone left Facebook’s next VR headset in a hotel

The design of the Meta Quest Pro helmet is unveiled in funny conditions. A development unit would have been forgotten in a hotel, which allowed a “leaker” to publish a video and lots of photos on the networks.

After the iPhone 4 lost in a bar, the Meta Quest Pro forgotten in a hotel? Pending October 11, 2022, the date of its announcement, the next virtual reality headset from Facebook’s parent company is the victim of a new kind of leak.

The one we know as “Cambria project”but that we had never seen before (the only videos published by Mark Zuckerberg show a blurry product), no longer leaves any doubts about its design. The person who discovered it posted several photos online on September 12, 2022, along with a video, which likely annoys Meta’s legal teams.

The first virtual reality headset that does not flatten hair?

On Reddit, virtual reality fans are particularly moved by this leak. The design of the “Quest Pro” may not appeal to everyone (seriously Meta, what are those fake eyes to conceal the cameras in front of?). However, the future mixed reality headset seems a real step forward, compared to these generally very bulky headsets. We notice its thinness (it is probably three times thinner than the Quest 2), but also and above all the absence of a strap. For the first time, an Oculus headset seems to fit tightly around the skull, without crushing the top. So forget the flattened post-VR haircuts, Meta seems to have found the solution.

There is nothing above the Quest Pro. // Source : Zectarius Gaming

The Meta Quest Pro’s controllers also seem smaller. All black, they look like both Nintendo Wii Nunchuks and Switch Joy-Cons. The good news is that they retain analog sticks, which should delight gamers.

How will Meta react to this leak?

Even if some believe in the conspiracy theory and think this voluntary leak, it comes at the wrong time for Meta who has been doing everything to preserve the mystery for very long months. It must be said that his Cambria project is very ambitious and could lay the foundations for the reality headsets of the future, before Apple entered the VR headset market in the following months. We can seriously doubt the option of a voluntary flight, it would indeed seem that Meta is the victim of human error.

For Meta now, it’s better to limit the damage. The Verge indicates that the person occupying the hotel room has since claimed his helmet, but it is not known if he managed to recover it. Mark Zuckerberg’s group must limit leaks as much as possible until October 11 to keep a little surprise. As a reminder, the Quest Pro is supposed to be the first high-end mixed reality headset. When worn, you should be able to see the real world through high resolution color cameras. It is an important product for Meta, since it should make virtual reality less restrictive. Its success could reassure the company in its new direction.

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Zuckerberg is betting a lot on virtual reality, but the business is not yet very profitable.  // Source: Meta

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