Stefano Discreti has very serious questions about the level of Max Allegri |

After another defeat of Juventus in the Champions League on Wednesday night against the Portuguese of Benfica Lisbon, criticism is rife concerning Massimiliano Allegri’s team. And after the meeting, it was the Italian coach who took it for his rank.

The journalist Stefano Discreti even pointed the finger at the performance of Turinese and he is starting to ask very serious questions about the future and the level of Massimiliano Allegri. “After the last season which was certainly not positive, we were all hoping for a different start to this one. Today, September 15, it must be said that Juve did worse. He certainly has a few more points in the league, but he had never happened to lose the first two Champions League matches. Basically, the bianconeri are already close to eliminating the most prestigious of continental cups. To avoid this, you have to achieve the feat at Benfica and not miss the other matches. Allegri exemption at risk? I wouldn’t have called him back. However, if the club decided to fire him, I would only agree if Zidane arrived immediately.” Said the one who is also a fervent supporter of Juventus.

An opinion shared by another journalist Massimo Brambati who goes even further by emphasizing the organization chart of Juventus and he even criticizes the other bodies of Juventus starting with the sports director Federico Cherubini. “Change now immediately? Ownership must agree, not executives, because it is the company that receives the money. The executives are not thick, one of them is from another field than football and is Elkann’s trusted man. Cherubini has no depth, he has no Juventus scouting under him, otherwise some players won’t pass under your nose and you push them away.”


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