Stunning unionists win and sign 6/6 in the Europa League (video)

Thanks to this second victory in a row, the troops of Karel Geraerts sign an unexpected 6/6 and now assert themselves as a group capable of competing against great European cars.

Summary of the meeting

Buoyed by its surprise victory at Union Berlin, Union Saint-Gilleoise receives Malmö with confidence. But excess or not, the troops of Karel Geraerts are surprised from the start of the meeting. On a clearance from Dahlin, Olsson deflects with a header towards Ceesay, who deceives Morris with a powerful shot at the near post (6th).

The Union is stunned and takes time to react. But the Canaries have resources and will prove it via a “Union type” phase. On a cross from Captain Teuma, Borgess makes up for his defensive error on the first goal and places an unstoppable ball from the skull.

Much better in the game, the people of Brussels think of scoring a new goal on a free kick from Teuma deflected by Kandouss but the goal will be canceled for a (very) slight offside.

The Union pushes, dominates, creates several good opportunities but it is the Swedish club which regains the advantage against the course of the game. Isolated in the rectangle, Thelin, the former resident of Anderlecht, does not need to be asked and remembers the good memories of Brussels by placing the ball out of reach of Morris.

This new twist of fate will allow the people of Brussels to prove their incredible ability to always react. Teuma, served from 25 meters, rolls up perfectly and puts the two teams in a tie… for a minute. The people of Brussels are boiling and Boniface is having fun in the opposing rectangle. Strong, the attacker wins his duel and sends a shot into the net. The Union returned the meeting in sixty seconds and will no longer miss their chance. And if the Swedes push at the end of the game, the experience acquired by the Canaries makes the difference to allow them to take the three units again.


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