Swann Borsellino’s tactical eye: how can Mazzu’s current tactical system work in Anderlecht?

While everything seemed to be falling into place gradually at the start of the season, and rather successfully, things have become complicated for a few weeks. With only one point taken in the last 4 league matches, tactical questions are also beginning to arise. Is the defense at 3 aligned by Mazzuwith his pistons on the flanks, can settle permanently with the players he has at his disposal? Swannwho will commentate the match tomorrow, looks at some questions

Defense at 3, good idea?

You just have to remember that there are several ways to play 3 behind. The Union does not play like Anderlecht which does not play like OM, for example. If Mazzu’s idea is to reproduce what worked at the Union last year, it is especially on the side of the pistons that we must look. On the left, it lacks a bit of defensive rigor. Although I find that he is starting to go back and forth. Murillo has been too shy since the start of the season.

So it’s not so much the 3-man defense that’s the problem, but what’s going on in front?

Yes with the relationship with the midfielders for example. Relationship almost non-existent if we compare, for example, the relationship between Teuma and bunny which are very easy to find. Ashimeru tried to do it a little more in the 2nd half against Sikelborg for example. But overall it often only combines 2 players, with Refaelov in particular, but not enough at 3. And in this midfield, it also lacks intensity. Diawara is able to bring some but he injured for the match against Bucharest. Ashimeru to a lesser extent too.

So it is the binder that is currently missing in this system?

Yes. And at the level of the attackers too. They are a little cut off from the rest of the team. And yet a silva runs a lot for example. But we can have the best tactics in the world, I find that it remains above all a problem of intensity, which Refaelov himself said by the way. It has to start there if they want the tactic to work.

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