“Take off your glasses to see the stews better”, “People can barely afford to eat”, Kad Merad lynched after his appearance in “Daily”!

This Wednesday, September 7, 2022, Kad Merad was the guest of Yann Barthès in Quotidien. On the set, the 58-year-old actor came to defend French cinema and express his concerns. The show’s official Twitter account reports that the actor ” admits to being worried about the future of cinema and pushing people to go to theaters “. In full promotion of Mohamed Hamidi’s film, “Honorary Citizen”, Julia Vignali’s companion believes that we have ” need these sensitive, deep comedies, which tell stories with a background and which are a pleasure to see… We need to commune when there are emotions, laughter “. Words that unfortunately did not convince the public.

“They come to beg? »

On social networks, Internet users have not been kind to Kad Merad. “They come to beg? But what were they doing when the non-vax, the non-possessors of the past could not come and go freely? They danced, they sang, they vaccinated? And although they’ll fuck off now”, “I’m not going to pay 10 bucks (see more) for a French turnip. I prefer to invest elsewhere in these times when we are taken for cash cows”, “He is aware of the price for a family? “, “Go see my films, otherwise how am I going to continue to fatten up…”, “Except that now going to the cinema is an investment limit given the price. Ask yourself the right questions”, “Turnips at 14.40 euros! You defended our freedoms? Nope ! Assume! » or even « Even in free streaming on the Web I can’t last a quarter of an hour in front of their turnips. Going to the movies… going out 10th and more, banging the political correctness and the propaganda present almost everywhere… You have to be sadomasochistic…” could we read. It remains to be seen whether the actor will respond to Internet users.


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