Television: by parodying King Charles III, Alain Chabat announces the launch of his “Late show” on TF1

This Friday, September 16, Alain Chabat announced the launch of his “Late show” through a humorous video.

The scene had caused a lot of talk on social networks. The new King Charles III, traveling to Northern Ireland earlier this week, got angry because of a pen whose ink had leaked on his fingers.

As a true ace of parody, Alain Chabat hijacked this striking scene to humorously announce the upcoming launch of his “Late show”, a daily program which will be broadcast on TF1 in the evenings from 11 p.m.

“Okay then, do I have to put on noon?” asks Alain Chabat, dressed all in black, alongside Léa Drucker, a faithful copy of Queen Consort Camilla. “11 p.m., sir,” replies an assistant who is none other than comedian Jamel Debbouze.

“Starting Very Soon”

“There you go, I hate that, laughs Alain Chabat. We’re here to sign contracts for a Late Show and the pens don’t work. But yes, now my fingers are all stained. Fingers all stained. We don’t Didn’t iron my shoelaces this morning, I knew it was going to be a shitty day.”

However, little information is filtering for the moment on the content of this new program. “Starting very soon”, can we simply read at the end of the video. But the communication coup is successful.

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