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The start of the season for Juventus is chaotic, especially in the Champions League, with two consecutive defeats. Massimiliano Allegri could he be fired following these poor results. Despite certain tensions, this possibility does not yet really exist. Find out more details and information in this article.

For the first time in their history, Juventus lost their first two Champions League games last night. This confirms a very sad start to the season for the club. All competitions combined, the bianconeri have won only 2 games this season and are currently on a series of 4 games without a win with 2 draws in the league and 2 defeats in the Champions League. Beyond the results, we can see a Juventus which does not produce any play, which does not know how to attack or defend.

After such a start and just after the sad last season, during which Juventus had a white season and were eliminated in the knockout stages of the Champions League, should Massimiliano Allegri be worried? At the moment, there is no sign in this direction, according to what reports Sky Sportsbut in the direction, there is tension and disappointment for this start to the season, for these results. The feeling, however, is that this team is doing too little, playing barely 20 minutes and then disappearing from the pitch. A huge perplexity, in September, it is not certain that this can happen after so few games. Massimilia Allegri therefore not in danger at the moment, but there are critical voices in the management. These criticisms are not only for the manager, but also for the players who come out on the pitch, there is also a lot of disappointment for many of them.


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