TF1 claims sums worthy of Universal and Sony according to Canal +, “it’s not possible” explains Maxime Saada

TF1 claims sums worthy of Universal and Sony according to Canal +,

The leader of Canal+ spoke again about the ongoing conflict with TF1, pointing to financial demands that he considers unreasonable.

TF1 would like to cost as much as American giants according to Canal+. During the group’s back-to-school conference, which took place on Wednesday evening, Maxime Saada, boss of the encrypted channel, was asked about the conflict between the Vivendi subsidiary and that of Bouygues. For two weeks now, the channels of the TF1 group have no longer been broadcast for Canal subscribers, following unsuccessful negotiations for their distribution.

It is thus difficult not to return to the main point of stumbling block between the two players in the French audiovisual sector: the financial conditions requested by TF1 for the broadcasting of these channels. The Canal executive pointed out that some “fanciful” figures had emerged, now that TF1 was asking “an increase of 50% of what we paid before“. A statement contested by the front page.

For Maxime Saada and Canal, this conflict is all the more important as the potential merger of TF1 and M6 is on everyone’s lips in the audiovisual sector. “If we start paying free channels sums that are now devoted to paid programs, we are in contradiction with what our subscribers want. Our subscribers do not want to pay for channels that are otherwise free. Explaining to someone that if he is not a Canal subscriber, it is free and that if he is a Canal subscriber, it becomes chargeable, it is incomprehensible for him” he explains.

With this in mind, an example stands out by comparing with partnerships signed very recently with big hollywood groups : “the amounts we are told about are amounts that are comparable when we say that we signed with Sony and Universal. We are talking about these waters. It’s not possible for us to go down a path like this that would be detrimental at some point to our subscribers in one way or another.” develops Maxime Saada.

The case was taken to court by the two actors, with a proposal last Tuesday to restore at least a temporary broadcast for Canal+ satellite subscribers during a duration of 3 to 4 months, the time that the two groups succeed in reaching an agreement. It remains to be seen whether the two groups will follow this suggestion from the judge.

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