The 4 most harmful toothpastes according to 60 Million Consumers

A study of 60 Million Consumers reveals that many toothpastes contain substances harmful to health. Four of them are particularly targeted.

One would tend to think that on the whole, a toothpaste worth another one. This may be fine for the expected cleaning and protective effect on the teeth, but with regard to the undesirable consequences, more or less large differences exist. This is revealed by the magazine 60 Millions de Consommateurs in a new special issue. A dozen tubes of toothpaste, selected from among the best-selling, are thus scrutinized by the magazine.

Toothpaste study: titanium dioxide still too present

As reported by Top Santé, all the products analyzed appeared to contain water, surfactants and fluoride. Despite everything, for half of them, the presence of titanium dioxide. As a reminder, this compound is now banned in all food products in Europe. If it is still found in toothpaste, it is because it promotes the absorption of ultraviolet rays (UV) and the whiteness of the teeth.

An inflammatory response in rats

For a person brushing their teeth at least twice a day, the risk of ingesting titanium dioxide is significant. ANSES (national health security agency offeedenvironment and labour) had already indicated that some rats who had been made to absorb this additive had found themselves with an inflammation of the intestines.

Four red cards awarded

Four out of twelve products claim to be more harmful than the others according to 60 Million Consumers. These are the toothpastes “Email Diamant Le Charbon” (excessively abrasive action when brushing), “Sanogyl Gum care with vitamin complex” (presence of titanium dioxide and potential irritation due to sodium lauryl sulphate), “Sensodyne Action Red Sensitivity ” (idem) and “Pure Breath Signal” (idem).

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