the actor takes it easy with the sublime Ana de Armas in Venice despite everything!

Angelina Jolie is suing him for $250 million ? So what ? brad pitt has other things to do, like promoting her latest film, “Blonde”, a biopic about the life of Marylin Monroe embodied by the sublime Ana de Armas. It is therefore on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival that the ex of Angelina Jolie take it easy despite everything and gives us an appointment for a high-quality photo shoot alongside the 34-year-old actress. For him, it’s a tuxedo with a bow tie, sunglasses on his nose and a small pair of Adidas sneakers to break the (more so strict) codes of the red carpet. A detail compared to his last very noticed appearance in a skirt in Berlin for the premiere of her film “Bullet Train”. For her, it’s a princess outfit, a long pink dress with a stunning neckline, diamond adornment and natural beauty. A powerful duo, at the pinnacle of new chic, for the screening of a film that is already getting people talking.

Barely out, some criticized the singer’s Cuban accent when they discovered the first images of the biopic, undermining his interpretation of the American icon. She was able to count on the unfailing support of Brad Pitt to defend her hard work. For Angelina Jolie’s ex, the james bond girl is “phenomenal” as he said to EntertainmentTonight. “It took us ten years to do it. It wasn’t until we found Ana that we were able to make it to the finish line”. As for the ex of Ben Affleck, she confided during the presentation of the film by Netflix last June “having worked for hours, every day, for almost a year”. And that’s not all, she also “read Joyce’s novel (on which the biopic is based), studied hundreds of photos, videos, audios”. But still ? Following the criticism, she told the Times have “followed by 9 months of dialect coaching, training and dubbing sessions to get the right accent”.

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