the actress lost a lot of money

The former actress of Plus Belle la Vie, Fabienne Carat, was the victim of a terrible scam. It was after filing a complaint at the police station that the young woman decided to tell her misadventure on social networks.

“I’m leaving the police station for something that isn’t very funny,” she begins. “I was the victim of a big fraud on my bank account. So just to tell you that if you receive an SMS from health insurance to update your vital card which will expire in 24 hours, that you are asked to enter your bank details, do not do the same stupidity as me”, continues the actress.

“It took a very, very long time to gain my trust, but they managed to make large online payments, transfers too, so don’t do like me, be careful, they are very talented, very strong and very reassuring,” he said. the former interpreter of Samia Nassri.

If she is not the only one to have been the victim of this kind of scam, Fabienne Carat can now count on her new companion to face this terrible problem. Single mother of a little Celeste, the actress is no longer a heart to take. The beautiful brunette has indeed formalized her relationship with Alain, former reality TV candidate “Married at first sight”. And between them, it makes sparks. Lucky, she recently made a beautiful declaration of love to him on Instagram: “The most beautiful gifts are those that life gives you, with those who choose your soul and those who recognize themselves in a look. Sometimes fate plays with us, happiness comes then leaves then comes back… even greater and when we no longer expect it. In any case, it comes at the right time, at the best, when we are finally ready to welcome it. I think so much of you”.


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