The Belgian Lions stand up to Luka Doncic’s Slovenia but lose in the round of 16 of the Euro

brave Belgian Lions stood up to Luka Doncic’s Slovenia for more than thirty minutes but finally lost 88-72 in the round of 16 of the Euro basketball. If the score may suggest that Luka and his gang wandered off against Belgium, the reality is quite different. The Belgians held on to the reigning Champions for a long time and even managed to take the lead (63-64) at the start of the fourth quarter before giving in to much more talented and experienced opponents.

Mentally qualified against Bulgaria, Belgium had to achieve a feat to reach the quarter-finals. As expected, facing the big Slovenian piece, the Lions had a complicated start to the match and quickly found themselves trailing 16-5 with a Luka Doncic on fire (11 points). But the Belgians react and pick up at 20-19, notably tightening the defense on the Dallas player. The first quarter ended with a score of 24-19 with the Lions reacting well, especially defensively, but lacking precision, notably with a 2/7 at 2 points.

The second quarter resumed in the same way as the first and Slovenia regained a 10-point lead to lead 37-27 after six minutes into the second quarter. But once again, the Lions are back in the game and the scorer is 44-41 when they return to the locker room.

Belgium failed to take the lead and it was Slovenia who came out on top in the second half, even though The count allows Belgium to come back to 48-44 after a two points followed by a successful free throw following a Slovenian foul on its lay-up.

At the start of the third quarter, the Belgians are committing more and more mistakes on a Luka Doncic who enjoys free throws and already has 23 points scored. Despite their domination, the Slovenians failed to take off and only had a three-point lead at the end of the 3rd quarter (63-60).

For the first time in the match, Belgium leads the score thanks to a two-point Tumba while there are nine minutes left to play in this 1/8th final. Can Lions do it? Well no… In the process, Luka Magic plants a sumptuous and one of which he alone has the secret. He then serves a teammate who makes a three-point string. 73-65: time out for Belgium.

The Belgian Lions will never return to the game. Too strong and full of composure, the Slovenians chained the baskets and finally won 88 to 72 thanks to their maestro Doncic, still author of a monstrous performance (35 points) this Saturday.

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