The Best Pastry Chef – “I’m going to cry every time”, “elected favorite of this season”: Internet users have their favorite candidate

This is the first episode and Internet users have already found their favorite candidate

Top start: the new season of the Best Pastry Chef started this Wednesday, September 7, to the delight of cake fans. We therefore discover each of the 16 amateur candidates, of all ages. And one of them particularly touched the viewers, who all fell in love with him.

It’s time to discover, this Wednesday, September 7 in the 11th edition of the Best Pastry Chef, on M6. 16 new contestants face their first time in the kitchen, but also sometimes harsh comments from Mercotte and Cyril Lignac. And if we celebrate this first episode, we also celebrate the 100th episode of the show! What announces a beautiful 11th season, rich in strong personalities with these new faces, always presented by Mary Portolano.

And it’s not just the candidates, new this year. Indeed, a new rule makes its appearance, who should talk to koh lanta fans. The candidates who will be eliminated will not really be, thanks to a secret kitchen that will allow them to compete in a parallel competition, of which the candidates still in the running will have no idea. The winner will be able to face the loser the following week, with the aim of re-entering the game. This Wednesday, therefore, place in the first stages of the competition. We therefore discover Cléo, Adelina, Karel, Sébastien and even Franklin. The latter is the eldest of all the shows combined: he is 76 years old.

Favorite viewers

His motivation to participate in the show has touched Internet users. But that’s not all: his presentation, too, where he tells about moving around on a scooter, baking cakes for his grandchildren who call him “grandpa meringue” or his overflowing energy. The rest of the show makes him even more endearing, as when he decides to make, for the first event called “Chocoland”, a chocolate cake in the shape of a teddy bear. The reason ? His wife calls him “my teddy bear” and he wanted to wink at her. On Twitter, Internet users are unanimous: it is he who will be the darling of the season. They only hope for one thing: that Franklin is not eliminated from the show right away.

Finally, to the delight of Internet users, Franklin qualified for the second round for the rest of the adventure. It’s Wiggings and Carine who meet at the final duel in the secret kitchen.

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