The chilling testimony of Paul Pogba to the police: “Holded up, under threat, I told them that I was going to pay”

The confidences of Paul Pogba are cold in the back. This Saturday, we learned that Mathias Pogba was to be imprisoned for attempting to extort his own brother. In addition, it is not yet known how long the ex-professional player will be detained.

This Monday, Le Monde gives chilling details of the testimony of the French international midfielder. He returns in particular to the evening of March 19, 2022 during a gathering of the French team in Clairefontaine. That day, Pogba was taken to an apartment in Chanteloup-en-Brie (Seine-et-Marne). “On the spot, the player is forced to turn off his phone which is confiscated from him”begins the daily.

At that moment, two hooded people, dressed in bulletproof vests and heavily armed, aim at the Pickaxe. Present at the scene, Roushdane K. would then have claimed 13 million euros, including 3 in cash, for protective services which the Juventus player would have benefited from for several years. “I was scared. The two guys pointed their guns at me. So, being pointed like this under threat, I told them I was going to pay”he recalls. “They were shouting: ‘Shut up, look down’. (…) One of the two hooded men spoke in Roushdane’s ear. When the hooded guys left, Roushdane told me that I had to pay them otherwise we were all in danger.”

According to Pogba, Roushdane K. played an important role: “He explained that what had just happened is normal when you are a famous football player. But that I had to pay because in addition, he had vouched for him.”

The bank then prevented Paul Pogba from making the payment to his blackmailers because it found the transaction suspicious.

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