the concerned public is campaigning for a get out vaccines

Two names for the same disease. Monkey pox or monkeypox. But it is the same suffering. Severe fatigue, fever and sudden burst of pimples which leads to long isolation.

Still in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, a new viral infectious disease appeared in May. May 19, 2022 precisely, in le-de-France. Quite quickly, we hear about the disease and the first cases in mid-June in the vicinity, confirm Sbastien Coulemain, Vienne departmental coordinator for the AIDES(1) association, and Angelo De Jesus Lucas, president of the Limousin Poitou-Charentes territory. Specifically, it was on June 22 that three cases were detected by the University Hospital of Poitiers and its virology department: one case in Vienne and two in Deux-Svres.

pro-active for
the vaccination

Very quickly, the AIDES association was solicited, as a recognized association of public utility. We are informed and experienced in the arrival of a new epidemicanalyze the two departmental spokespersons. The target audience usually takes care of their health. Because the particularity of monkey pox remains the public currently infected. Mostly men with multiple relationships with other men and sex workers, confirms the association AIDES. Is this why the general public finds it difficult to identify with this disease? For some, bad memories of the AIDS era reappear…
In fact, for the moment if the virus does not spread to the general population, it is thanks to the mobilization of the homosexual male population which is vaccinated en masse. There was the slogan Get Out Coveredin the 1980s. There could be in 2022, the Get out vaccines. Sbastien Coulemain assures him: We have helped call for vigilance and be proactive so that vaccination can be implemented as quickly as possible. Summer campaigns have swarmed along the coast. The information was passed on gay dating sites. We have all the networks to pass on information, AIDS analysis. In Vienne, there are 80 sex workers whom we follow closely. We have set up a first vaccination slot, in the Poitiers premises. We know that, for some, going to the CHU can be a brake.
The second session will take place on September 15, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. We are 90% full. Nearly half of the target population is already vaccinated in the department. Thanks to this strong vaccination campaign, the epidemic does not seem to have spread to the entire population.

(1) AIDES is a French association for the fight against HIV and viral hepatitis, created in 1984 and recognized as a public utility since 1990.

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