the confidences of Florence Foresti on her anxieties in Daily life

Invited by Yann Barthès in Daily life, Florence Foresti spoke about Désordres, a new series which lands on Canal + and in which she evokes her anxiety disorders and her anguish of death.

In this return to school 2022, the news promises to be busy for Florence Foresti. The 48-year-old comedian will first make his comeback on stage with Boys Boys Boys, his latest show, which promises to be one of the craziest. Evidenced by the poster where the artist appears naked, a nod to the tube of the voluptuous singer Sabrina released in the 90s. But that’s not all! The one who presented the César ceremony in 2016 and 2020 will also shine with Orders, his first series to be found from October 3 on Canal+. A fiction in which the native of Vénissieux evokes various subjects such as the lack of inspiration, the midlife crisis or even anxiety.

This Monday, September 12, Florence Foresti was the guest of Yann Barthès in Daily on TMC to discuss these two works which should meet with some success. And one of the favorite actresses of the French is in particular returned to the anxious disorder mentioned in the series, a theme that touches her closely in her personal life. “I wanted to deal with anxiety disorder, anxiety disorders that I never hid from, I’ve been doing them since I was very little. I suffer from this illness (…) I wanted to talk about it because it is an illness from which many people suffer and then they often do not dare to treat themselves. You have to treat yourself otherwise you isolate yourself and you end up locked up at home. The funniest way I found to do it was…

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