the event that highlights female streamers

Stream for trees, a charity event that brings together more than 70 female streamers, will take place from September 26 to October 2. The objective is to increase the visibility of female streamers and to collect donations.

The ZEvent has just ended and raised more than 10 million euros. An event rich in emotions, yet poor in terms of the presence of streamers. Of the fifty guest videographers, only ten women were present. “In 2021, there were 35% of Twitch users: a figure that does not differentiate streamers from viewers”, relief 20 minutes in an article on the lack of diversity in the stream.

Other events are organized to highlight streamers such as the “Stream for trees”. “We are not at all in reaction to the ZEvent, specifies Tech&Co Chloé Boels, streamer and co-organizer of the event. We do not know the underside of their organization nor do we know if invitations have been refused. We’ve been organizing this event for months and, like them, we’re raising funds for an association that defends ecology, so we might as well join forces!”

The stream meets the ecological cause

The “Stream for trees” is a charity event, in collaboration with Greenpeace Belgium, which will run from September 26 to October 2. Organized by the Stream’Her collectivethe idea is to bring together 72 female streamers of all nationalities to collect donations to plant an urban forest in Brussels. For one week, streamers will be able to keep their usual stream rhythm and will provide a link to the kitty, which will be shared at the end of the event. “We will plant trees with all the streamers on November 12 or 19,” enthuses Chloé Boels.

The participants are mostly French or Belgian, free to register, whatever their theme and the size of their audience. “There is no small or large community, we need everyone”, insists Chloé Boels.

For their first event of this kind, the Stream’Her collective continues its mission “by showing all the talents to ensure that the younger generation can identify and get started.”

The Stream’Her collective

The Stream’Her collective is a mutual aid community that is mobilizing for a better representation of women in the world of streaming. Since 2020, the founders Chloé and Ilaria alias tortuga_152 implemented several tools. Among these, a Discord on which streamers can exchange, meet and give advice. Events are also organized such as video game tournaments, game nights and other “try your hand at streaming” events.

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