The Galaxy S24 could be the first to integrate this technology

While the Galaxy S23s aren’t out of the woods yet, a rumor about the S24s suggests they’ll be among the first phones to feature Wi-Fi 7.

The photo modules of the S22 Ultra. // Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

Yes, rumor season is starting early for the Galaxy S24s. Whereas Samsung has not yet disclosed the content of its Galaxy S23we already learn through DigiTimes (via Sam-Mobile) an element on the next flagships of the brand.

Samsung has a history of being among the first to integrate new Wi-Fi technologies, the Galaxy S10 had been the first smartphone equipped with the WiFi 6the S24 could put the cover back with the WiFi 7 and be among the first to integrate this new standard.

Wi-Fi 7 promises

As a reminder, the new Wi-Fi standard promises a speed of speed 2.4 times higher than Wi-Fi 6, enough to imagine uses in Cloud Gaming at higher definitions than those currently available, which does not exceed the QHD in general. In detail, Wi-Fi 6 is limited to around 9.6 Gb/s against 30 to 40 Gb/s for the new standard.

Beyond pure speed, Wi-Fi 7 should be accompanied, like any new network standard, by new technologies to better manage the flow or network saturation. On the Intel site, for example, we can read that the latency should be improved, as should the reliability. The new standard should also pave the way for new 320 MHz channels, which will “twice the size of previous Wi-Fi generations”.

Several companies have already positioned themselves in this new sector. MediaTek presented a first chip at CES 2022, Intel promised equipped laptops in 2024 and Qualcomm has already announced a dedicated chip, the Fast Connect 7800. The race is on.

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