The Grasse prosecutor’s office opens an investigation into the case between Booba and the Varoise company Magali Berdah

The Grasse public prosecutor’s office (Alpes-Maritimes) opened an investigation after the complaint filed at the end of July by Elie Yaffa, the real name of rapper Booba, for “misleading commercial practices” and “organized gang scam”, as indicated at the end of the week the site of France Info.

The Varoise Magali Berdah in the sights of the “Duke”

The “Duke”, as he is nicknamed in the rap world, has been positioning himself for several weeks as a whistleblower and denounces “business practices and abuses committed by influencers promoting online scams”.

In his viewfinder, among others, Var Magali Berdah“the popess of reality TV”, whose company Shauna Events is based in Antibes.

Another complaint was also opened. It concerns a former reality TV candidate, Marc Oceane Singainy Tevanin, alias Marc Blata, whose trading and cryptocurrency activities he denounces. This complaint was forwarded to the Pontoise public prosecutor’s office.

With the hashtag #Influvoleurs and the opening of a mailbox of the same name, the rapper has collected dozens of testimonials from consumers who feel aggrieved.

Another ongoing dispute regarding his Instagram account

A little earlier in the week, before the Marseilles court and via his lawyer, Booba had requested the reopening of his Instagram account closed following his conflict with this same Magali Berdah and the wife of Gims.

The latter had been closed by the courts on July 12 at the request of the Varoise Magali Berdah, creator of Shauna Events, the most popular influencer agency in France. She said she was the victim of harassment from the rapper.

“It’s a crazy thing, the deletion of my Instagram account. I denounce the scammers and they close my account instead of preventing them from stealing”he had risen in the columns of Release.

The decision has been reserved for October 3.


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