The High Health Authority wants to consider physical activity as a “full-fledged treatment”

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The High Authority for Health has announced that it wants to consider physical activity as a “treatment in its own right.” Indeed, according to the HAS, physical activity limits the risk of recurrence of certain breast cancers and the transition to diabetes.

For the High Authority for Health (HAS), physical activity “must definitely be considered as a treatment in its own right” and be prescribed as such by doctors, whom it intends to support in particular to remove certain brakes.

Physical activity “limits the risk of recurrence of certain breast cancers, halves the risk of passing from a prediabetic state to diabetes…”, recalled the High Authority for Health on Tuesday. Although many steps have been taken, including on March 2 the adoption of a law aimed at democratizing sport, “physical activity must definitely be considered as a treatment in its own right and be prescribed as such”, believes the HAS.

Apprehension to engage in physical activity

Currently, obstacles to its effective deployment persist, she judges. “Indeed, many patients feel a certain apprehension to practice physical activity when they are sick or old, while doctors are still few to prescribe it,” she says.

“Four years ago, less than 30% of doctors said they prescribed physical activity,” said Prof. Dominique Le Guludec, president of the HAS college during a press briefing. However, the role of the doctor is “essential to sensitize the people furthest away from physical activity (people with a long-term condition, people suffering from a chronic illness, frail elderly people, people with disabilities) “.

“A new consultation guide”

To help them in their mission, the HAS has announced the provision of a range of tools to doctors, including “a new guide to consultation and medical prescription of physical activity in adults”, a “guide to knowledge on physical activity and sedentary lifestyle”, sheets and guidelines to help with prescriptions.

“The doctor must be convinced to be convincing,” insisted Professor François Carré, cardiologist and sports doctor at the Rennes University Hospital and professor emeritus at the University of Rennes 1.

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