The highs and lows of the pitiful performance against Benfica |

Juventus lost once again in the Champions League, this time to Benfica at home. A sad performance, once again. Who were the worst players? And the best? Discover the highs and lows of this defeat in this article.

This category is obviously subjective. Each tifosi has a different vision in football and each perceives the matches in his own way. The team simply relays its opinion and accepts that of others.


Very difficult to elect tops after such a performance. But some players still stood out.

Mattia Perin 🇮🇹: Big game from the Italian goalkeeper. He certainly concedes 2 goals but he cannot get all the balls out. Without the big game he had, Juventus could have conceded a lot more goals. This evening, it was really not by his defense which was very bad.

Arkadiusz Milik 🇵🇱: He opens the scoring with a magnificent header and confirms his very good at Juventus. It is also interesting with its deviations. Its output is difficult to understand…


Massimiliano Allegri 🇮🇹: The number one flop, like every game. He had the transfer window he wanted, he now has no excuses, even injuries. There is no play, the players do not rush, do not create chances, the attackers have to look for the ball in midfield to have clear chances. His match preparations are very questionable and his choices during the game point just as much. Something is wrong. The more time passes, the harder it is to imagine a future with Massimiliano Allegri on the bench. Will he resign? Will he be fired? Case to follow, one thing is certain, he does not have the support of the tifosi.

Leonardo Bonucci 🇮🇹: Yet another catastrophic performance from the captain, who sleeps on goal. There was a time when his raises saved his matches, but today he is also struggling in this area. Less blah blah, more Leonardo field evidence.

Dusan Vlahovic 🇷🇸: It’s hard to blame him given the few balls he touches, but he has to make the few chances he has, like the great players do.

Juan Cuadrado 🇨🇴: Another catastrophic match from him, in all areas of the game. A turn on the bench would do him the greatest good, for him and the team.


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