The host once again charges Nathalie Marquay’s daughter, and it’s violent!

War is definitely declared between the Pernaut clan and Laurent Fontaine. Last June, the columnist of Do not touch My TV had violently clashed the daughter of Nathalie Marquay on the set of TPMP People. ” I was very close to Jean-Pierre Pernaut so it’s complicated to react […]. Lou, you’re adorable, you’re nice, but go study! Bump ! “, he had launched before adding: “ Sorry, but what I see is not very dignified and I think you should, since your father died, calm down the TikToks a bit, go back to school and work. »

Words that had pissed off the main concerned. Neither one nor two, the latter had therefore taken hold of her social networks in order to respond to the host. ” Dear Mr. Fontaine, you say you were a very good friend of my father, but I never heard your first name. “, had dropped the young woman. And to continue: My father never told me about you […] If you were my father’s friend, as you put it so well, you might know that I am studying architecture, that I finished my second year, that it went very well and that I passed my exams. »

“And he continues more”

Far from letting it flow, Laurent Fontaine has chosen, in turn, to speak. It is also on TikTok, alongside Pascal Bataille, that Cyril Hanouna’s sidekick replied: “ Lou Pernaut, whom I don’t know, shows up on Tik Tok saying ‘ah my haters too mean’ (imitation of Lou Pernaut). I said stop tiktok for her. What Nathalie Marquay Pernaut sent to me was very violent! Exasperated by the behavior of her opponent, Lou Pernaut therefore did not fail to comment on the post. ” And he continues on “. A message that aroused strong reactions.


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