“The house of horror”: the aunt of the tied up children, she speaks about the excuse given to her by their mother

In Pas-de-Calais, a dark case of abuse shake the inhabitants for a few days. The eldest son of a family had denounced the acts of violence of his parents against him and his nine brothers and sisters. Monday, September 12, the young man named Bryan came with his aunt on the set of “TPMP”. An opportunity for them to testify to what these children experienced in The House of Horror.

A case of child abuse

It has been several years since Bryan and his siblings suffered in The House of Horrors. At the end of August, the young man decided to alert social services to the abuse they suffer at home. He then testified against his parents who inflicted blows and abuse on him.

Their father (44 years old) and their mother (40 years old) had unspeakable acts. The police made a terrible discovery when they came to their home. some children were tied up and covered in feces and urine.

The daily life of these children had serious consequences on their motor skills. The police noticed that these children were behind their age. They then questioned the parents about the reason for this kind of treatment.

The couple explained that the bondage was for prevent children from committing mischief. Since the report, the couple have been charged in a case of “subtraction by ascendant from legal obligations”.

They are also prosecuted for “violence against a 15-year-old minor by ascendant, without ITT”. The Béthune prosecutor indicated that justice reproaches the parents complete lack of hygiene and educational deficiencies. Bryan’s parents did not take care of their children “in a normal way”.

The house of horror

When Brian told his story, he described their home as The House of Horror. The young man even had judge these words “too weak” to qualify their residency. On September 12, Bryan returned to “TPMP” with his little brother Rudy and his aunt Magalie.

The latter also came to testify about the situation of her nieces and nephews. Magalie explained to Cyril Hanouna what she had noticed when she went to her sister’s house. The house would always have been dirty and messy.

She would have offered her help to the mother of the family with the chaos present in the home. Magalie did not hesitate to reveal certain details about the method of education of the couple. In The House of Horror, she saw her nieces being tied to a chair.

“I was told that they were just watching a cartoon or taking a nap,” Magalie confides.

Even if it seemed dubious, Magalie hadn’t noticed. The children were quite “clean” so she can’t suspect anything. That changed during a phone call with one of his nieces.

The little girl confessed everything to him, saying that they did not sleep in their bed. Magalie says that the little girls slept tied to the chairs and in their excrement. Faced with such a tragedy, it was out of the question for Bryan’s aunt to do nothing.

Victim of an assault

Magalie sorry for always having called before coming to his sister’s house. She could have caught them in the act of child abuse. Magalie said on the set of ” Do not touch My TV “ that she doesn’t want to talk to her sister anymore.

She entrusts to the chroniclers hope that she can testify against Bryan’s parents. For his part, the young man confided that his parents knew what was going to happen if they were violent in front of Magalie.

If she knew, she would quickly talked to social services. The latter wants to do everything to be able to welcome some of her nephews and nieces. Indeed, the child victims were placed in foster families.

However, this case affected Bryan’s aunt a lot. She said that a few days ago, she was assaulted. And this, because of this sordid history. Today, Magalie is off work and consults a psychologist.

For the case of violent parents, the trial on this case will take place in January 2023. For the moment, justice says thatthey are presumed innocent until the authorities authorities prove the opposite.

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