The “LCI” journalist taunts the police in his underpants

Viewers have long been used to seeing him in an impeccable suit behind his desk, serious as a pope. The kind of man who takes his job very seriously and only laughs when he burns himself… Many of them probably almost fell off their sofa when they discovered an unexpected facet of David Pujadas’ personality. . The one who presented the 8 p.m. news on France 2 from 2001 to 2017, beating a longevity record in this position before being dismissed by Delphine Ernotte, indeed appeared this Friday, September 2 on the small screen in an outfit as amazing than relaxed. One could almost say that the journalist had nothing to hide, contenting himself with a tiny piece of fabric to dress himself.

The journalist knew what awaited him

Like the average summer holidaymaker, his fans were able to discover a jovial and relaxed David, wandering around dressed in a simple bathing suit in the arteries of Sainte-Maxime, the Var seaside resort, under the somewhat bewildered gaze of passers-by. Not embarrassed in the least, sometimes even staring at strangers taking an offended look at seeing him thus decked out, the television man continued on his way, knowing full well the risks involved. Because, as you probably know, in many towns, wearing swimsuits is reserved for the beach, but is prohibited in town. Any offender is liable to a fine. And what had to happen happened! A policeman arrested him before heaping reproaches on this tourist who was too exhibitionist for his taste. Throughout the scene, the journalist never departed from his smirk, taunting the police. Magnanimous, the gendarme will not go so far as to take out his book of fines. Perhaps because David had let him know that he was being filmed as part of a report intended precisely to measure the zeal with which the police enforced this anti-swimsuit law. The subject dates back to 1989, but viewers who saw these images again in the France 3 documentary “These songs from our holidays”, had a good slice of fun. As for David, he must have experienced a real rejuvenation by finding the young journalist that he was.


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