‘The light is at the end of the tunnel’: Romelu Lukaku will finally make his return to Inter

Criticized before his injury, Romelu Lukaku missed them so much. Without him, the Nerazzurri lost and won twice. Including a prestigious defeat in the derby against AC Milan. Derby where Big Rom’ has always liked to shine in the past. Jagged results that push Inter to a sad sixth place and five points behind the Neapolitan leader. A far cry from Scudetto’s dreams of the start of the season.

After four games chomping at the bit, here is the striker back on the training grounds. Not taken over by Martinez, Lukaku knows that he must heal in the best possible way to return to 100%. Especially since Qatar is fast approaching and the Devils will obviously need their colossus to hope to perform.

When will he be back?

Good news: Romelu Lukaku is expected to be back for Inter’s next encounter. A shock against AS Roma on October 1, ten days from now. A month after his last appearance, his muscle injury seems to be a distant memory. From this Tuesday, he can start working individually on the pitch again under the supervision of the staff. A very important step on the way to a return to the team. Especially after several weeks in the infirmary, in the swimming pool or in the weight room. All without the ball and without his teammates.

From next week, if all goes well, he will return to collective training. If no relapse is found, he should be part of the group that will face Jose Mourinho. But according to Gazzetta dello Sport, there is no reason to believe that this injury will last forever. The top scorer in the history of Belgium worked well on his return. Like the exemplary professional that he is.

Inter… and the Devils need Romelu

This return to the training grounds was hailed by the transalpine press. “Without the Belgian giant, the Nerazzurri have lost their leadership”estimates the Gazzetta dello Sport. “Alone, Romelu Lukaku, great as he is, will not be able to stop the wind blowing at Inter. It will take a collective effort to solve his team’s problems. Not a wave of a magic wand from an individual. “

Clearly, the Belgian missed out on Simone Inzaghi. A winner at heart, the 29-year-old has this aura that allows his teammates to surpass themselves. Everything that Inter lacked because they can’t hurt themselves to win their matches. “He lived as a simple spectator the collapse of the game and the results of Inter”continue our colleagues. “He suffered a lot as he wanted to reclaim the City crown for his comeback.” Since his failed transfer to Chelsea, the striker has been incredibly revengeful. He wants to prove to everyone that he is still one of the best strikers in the world. Wounded in his pride, the player will do everything to return to his best level. What Inter and the Devils need. Because an attack with Batshuayi or Openda instead of Big Rom’ is not the same thing.

Once on his feet, the striker will once again have a crucial role to play for Inzaghi and Martinez. “The possibility of seeing him back against AS Roma will give Inter a boost. Even if he won’t win alone, the number 90 will be the light to follow to get out of the tunnel”says the newspaper. “Before his injury, the team started to be drawn on the centre-forward, like a compass. Everything seemed destined to revolve around him. The goal is to use this cannonball to demolish the opposing defences.”

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