the Minister of Culture asks Canal+ to restore TF1 to its TNT Sat offer

“I appeal to your sense of responsibility and the general interest to avoid depriving hundreds of thousands of households of the reception of all DTT channels”, urges Rima Abdul Malak in a letter sent Friday to the president of the Canal+ group Maxime Saada, confirming a information from the Parisian.

This ministerial request came after the decision of Canal+ to stop broadcasting the free channels of the TF1 group (TF1, TMC, TFX, TF1 Séries Films and LCI) when renewing the distribution contract between the two parties, due in particular to the requirement for a payment “of a very substantial remuneration”, the group announced on Friday. owned by Vivendi.

Non-compliant situation

“Without interfering in the commercial dispute between the two groups and a negotiation which is a matter of freedom of contract”, the minister explains that she is “careful that negotiations between publishers and distributors do not lead to blockages likely to compromise access of all audiences to the free offer of digital terrestrial television” (DTT).

However, “cutting the signal of the TF1 group’s channels on the TNT Sat offer deprives people who can only receive DTT by satellite of any access to the five free channels of the TF1 group”, emphasizes Rima Abdul Malak. And “this situation is not in accordance with the intention of the legislator, which was to guarantee full coverage of the territory by DTT by obliging DTT channels to make their signal available free of charge to a satellite distributor who makes it the ask,” she recalls.

Four years earlier, the commercial negotiations between the two audiovisual groups around the distribution of the free channels of the TF1 group generated this same blocking situation. The cut in the signal from TF1 channels then caused an outcry among some viewers and led the Minister of Culture at the time, Françoise Nyssen, to summon Canal+ to restore the broadcasting of TF1 channels on the TNT Sat offer.

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