The new apostles of Virginie Despentes

VSis to despair of the back-to-school controversies. Virginie Despentes has never had so many fans, readers who, after a few pages of her latest book or hearing her in an interview, feel on the same wavelength as her. With its epistolary novel with three characters, pure products of the time, and its promotional interviews tackling so many subjects, everyone (except the journalist Eric Naulleau, resolutely hostile to the writer) can find something there that comforts them in what ‘he was already thinking, magazine style She, who retains from his interview with the author that“a more festive feminism would do us no harm”.

Everyone feels validated : young feminists in struggle against patriarchy and old convinced that it actually denounces the classic neo-feminists ; those reassured that she always wears Motörhead t-shirts and those happy that she chose a Donna Summer song when she was invited to France Inter ; the fifties who revisit their generation and the boomers who dare not speak ill of the time, relieved that it is she who declares that in the 1980s we were not going “fishing for likes”

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The authors of Saint-Germain-des-Prés who hear her let go that she loved joining their little world, the transclasses who find it unfair that they are prohibited from luxury tastes… Finally, those who were afraid of making a fake not militant, to feel judged by the youngest, by the most feminist, those who felt entangled in contradictions, now they all agree to salute the subtlety of a work titled Dear asshole.

How do we recognize them?

They say “she spares no one” finding that, phew, they’re not doing so badly. They are happy to be able to feel punk with a novel that recommends quitting drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. When they come across a sentence with which they agree, they deduce that it is really the writer “who understands the era best”. When they say “she is more nuanced than that”, they mean “She shares my way of seeing more than I thought”.

They also find that it will be especially good for those in the camp opposite to read it (” Whether Alice Coffin the bed to the end…”, says Beigbeder to the “ mask and feather “), in particular to help them think more like them. They have differing opinions on major societal issues as the day goes on, and are comforted in a three-character romance with conflicting opinions that they regularly have one to agree with. They prefer to say ” radical “ that “woke”. They cite his interviews as much as his latest book, which, moreover, they may not have read.

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