the price increases earlier than expected

Amazon has just increased the price of the Prime subscription. This price increase was expected in 10 days.

Amazon Prime // Source: Marks Thomas via Unsplash

Hard blow for those who were waiting for the last moment! We expected an increase in the price of the Amazon Prime subscription, but we did not expect it to happen after only two episodes of the Rings of Power.

Amazon Prime goes to 70 euros

42.65% is the amount of the price increase for the Amazon Prime subscription for the year. This went from 49 euros to 69.90 euros. Expected, this price increase however, comes about ten days earlier than expected since Amazon had announced the date of September 15. Those who were waiting for the last moment to renew will therefore have to pay an additional 20 euros.

Surprisingly, the monthly subscription has not yet changed to the new pricing. If the increase is less strong on the monthly subscription (16.69%), it is still expected. This goes from 5.99 euros per month to 6.99 euros per month. However, the increase is still planned and will come into effect later this month.

Current Amazon Prime subscription prices // Source: Frandroid – Amazon screenshot

Even students are not spared, with a monthly subscription going from 2.99 to 3.49 euros and an annual subscription going from 24 to 34.95 euros.

However, between the arrival of the event series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power and the many advantages provided by this subscriptionwe should not expect a massive flight of subscribers in the short term, despite a rather unfavorable conjunction due to high inflation.

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