The privileges reserved for King Charles III, from sturgeons to double birthdays

The new king Charles III won’t need either passport nor of driver’s license and possess all the swans and sturgeons of the UK, among the unusual privileges that flow from his position as British sovereign. The king can travel without papers. Unlike other members of the royal family, he will not need a passport, on the grounds that this document is issued in his name.

For the same reason, the British head of state enjoys a very privileged status in terms of driving, since he is the only Briton to be exempted from having a driving licence.

No right to vote

The king never slips a ballot into the ballot box: he must observe strict neutrality Politics. He therefore does not vote and he cannot stand for any ballot. The monarch, however, opens parliamentary sessions and dubs the Prime Minister, with whom he meets regularly.

Charles’ mother, Elizabeth IIblew out his candles twice each year: on the day of his birth, April 21, in private, and during the official celebrations of his anniversary, traditionally the second Saturday of June, to escape the whims of the English weather. Nothing out of the ordinary, according to the royal family’s official website: celebrations marking a sovereign’s birthday often take place on a different day from the day of birth, especially when the latter is not in summer, as it is the case of Charles, born on November 14, 1948.

Sturgeons, dolphins and whales

The king does not only rule over the British. For several centuries, the swans evolving in open waters across the country have indeed been considered the property of the British monarch. Each year, they are the subject of a meticulous count in the Thames, a tradition that is now part of a preservation approach. The royal prerogative also applies to sturgeons, dolphins and whales in waters around the UK.

Are you a poet and your work is of “national importance”? You may have the opportunity to compose verses for the King, who awards this honorary position every ten years with a barrel of sherry as a reward. In 2019, Simon Armitage, now 59, was named “poet laureate”.

Companies with Royal Warrant

He succeeded Carol Ann Duffy (66), the first woman to be named since the start of this tradition dating back to the 17th century. She thus wrote poems for the wedding of Prince William in 2011, the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation in 2013 or the wedding of the prince harry and Meghan in 2018.

It’s an honor but above all a great selling point for the lucky ones: from French champagnes to Schweppes sodas, passing through small British craftsmen, the brands supplying the crown have the privilege of being able to include the royal coat of arms on their products. . Burberry, Jaguar, Land Rover and Samsung are among the companies benefiting from a royal warrant.

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