The Red Devils have their anthem for the World Cup and the choice of artist is audacious

It was Oscar and the Wolf who was chosen to compose the official anthem of the Red Devils for the 2022 World Cup.

After the controversy following the appointment of Damso to compose the anthem Red Devils for the World Cup 2018, the Belgian Union had decided not to choose an anthem for our players. This year, for the Global in Qatarit is Oscar and the Wolf who was chosen. And those who have seen his concert at the Pukkelpop have already been able to hear it since he performed it on this occasion (we have put a filmed video of the audience below).

The song is called Warrior (warrior) and this is what it says Max Colombia, the artist behind the Oscar and The Wolf project: “It was supposed to be an anthem about taking over the world, but then it became something else. Sometimes our greatest triumphs are victories over ourselves. It is for all those who are fighting for something. I hope it will also fuel the flame of the Red Devils on the occasion of their new challenges at the World Cup.”

A song which, it is said, conquered the Red Devils and their coach, Robert Martinez, who speaks of it in these words: “‘ve really loved this song since I heard it for the first time, because the music and the text have something transcendental that makes you want to fight in the noble sense of the word, not only on the field but also in life in general.

Oscar and the Wolf will perform it at the King Baudouin Stadium on September 22 after the Devils last game at home against Wales in the Nations League.

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