The referees did not have all the images on the canceled goal of Juventus |

Arkadiusz Milk’s canceled goal last night against Salernitana caused a lot of controversy. The association of Italian referees has spoken about this, and their explanation seems surreal…Find out more details and information in this article.

The end of the game between Juventus and Salernitana yesterday was completely crazy. Leonardo Bonucci equalized then a few minutes later, Arkadiusz Milik gave Juventus the advantage with a superb crossed header. Unfortunately, this goal was canceled after VAR review. According to the referee, Leonardo Bonucci was offside, yet he did not interfere with the goalkeeper and did not touch the ball. But even worse, with wide shots, we can see that Antonio Candreva was lower down the pitch and behind Leonardo Bonucci, so he was covering him from an offside position. The association of Italian referees spoke about this controversy.

“The technical body of Can has viewed all the images made available to Var and Avar for the call for tenders in question, finding no correspondence with the video in question. The technical body of Can – continues The Hague – also explicitly asked the company that provides the technological service for Var if the room in question, defined as tactical, was available to the Var staff for the match played at Juventus Stadium. and the conclusion – is that the room was not at the disposal of the Var and was therefore not usable by the referees. With what has been said, we are convinced that we have clarified the episode.”

In short, the referees did not have all the videos and therefore did not see Antonio Candreva’s postion…


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