the tender message of Cindy Van der Auwera (Large families) to her daughter who leaves the family nest

This is the first Van der Auwera child, from the show Families Large, to leave the family nest. On occasion, her mother Cindy sent Camille, her eldest, a tender message.

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Camille Van der Auwera, who recently revealed to be suffering from a disease, is the eldest of a more than fusional family made up of 11 children. A family that the French learned to discover from October 2020 in season 2 of the show Large families: life in XXL. Their unique conception of life has distinguished them from all other tribes: like a clan, the family evolves in a privileged setting with around sixty animals. Some of them were particularly pampered by the oldest of the children, notably the alpacas in the shearing of which Camille, aged 18, had specialized, even setting up her small business. It is however far from this unique universe that the young woman will finally evolve. This September 6, his mother wrote him a beautiful message to celebrate the departure of the family nest of his first born.

“I cried and I’m still crying”

In his latest publication, Cindy Van der Auwera, mother wrote “Departure… The dreaded day arrived this Sunday, September 4. My mom heart sank when I got in the car and waved at you for the last time, a small smile on the corner of my cheek , tears in my eyes. Of course, like any mom I cried and I still cry at times but I know that you do what you wanted”she first wrote before discussing the purpose of this departure. A beautiful adventure begins for you. A pillar for our big family project. I’m so proud of who you are, what you’ve become, and I know this is just the beginning. Your dream is just steps away my darling”. A text full of emotion that has prompted Internet users to speculate on the family project mentioned. A few weeks ago on her account, Camille Van der Auwera, who, like her mother, has her own well-stocked Instagram profile, promised new adventures”. In her story of the day, this September 6, we understand that she currently resides in a campsite. A holiday atmosphere, and yet.

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“A big family project”

Camille Van der Auwera is therefore indeed there to work. She also mentions mock exams: “I’m a little stressed anyway but hey I think it’ll do.” Indeed, it was only this Sunday that Internet users learned that the young woman was going to take off far from the family home. As reported by our colleagues from TV 2 weeksCindy Van der Auwera told in a story that her daughter was going to make leader training at a campsite: “Camille leaves 400 km away so she won’t be able to return all the time.”But that’s not all ! The professional nurse had also announced that this departure was “the first step of a big family project”. “We will tell you more as we go along because we are not going to tell you everything right away”she revealed, before concluding: “Already, here’s a little novelty and you know it’s time for change at the Van der Auwera”

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