The testimony of Ludovic, garbage collector and star of TikTok, has upset the Web

This Sunday, September 18, the portrait of the week, dedicated to Ludovic, upset the followers of “Seven to eight”. TF1 screen capture

Once again, the “Seven to Eight” teams hit very hard with a particularly moving portrait of the week. Audrey Crespo-Mara gave the floor to Ludovic, the most famous garbage collector in France. By listening to his testimony, Internet users felt both disgust towards the human being, but also a deep respect for this man and all his colleagues.

This Sunday, September 18, TF1 aired a new issue of “Seven to Eight Life”, followed by an unreleased episode of “Seven to Eight”, presented by Harry Roselmack. On the program for this early evening? Strong and moving reports that captured the attention of viewers. If the subject on the increase in the school canteen was pointed out by a large number of Twittos, that on the living condition of men in Brazilian prisons shocked more than one. However, we had to wait until the very last minutes of this “Seven to Eight” to discover a sequence rich in emotions. Portrait of the week was hailed by Internet users since it highlighted a profession that is sorely lacking in recognition, that of garbage collector.

Discover the portrait of Harry Roselmack:

This Sunday, Audrey Crespo Mara gave the floor to the most famous garbage collector in France. Ludovic is known as @ludovicf_off on social media. This man has become a real star on TikTok with his videos which show behind the scenes of the garbage collectors of Paris with a touch of humor of his own. Faced with the journalist, he assured that he “loved his job”, even if the latter is all too often despised. Ludovic has known a thousand lives in one. First a caregiver, he then took care of people with disabilities. Then, this brave man lived on the streets for 10 years, before becoming a garbage collector. A life filled with trials, but even in difficult times, he always had in mind to help his neighbor. Now it’s the planet he wants to save, at his level.

“The human race is hot”

This portrait of the week was a great awareness. Ludovic wanted to speak out for all the garbage collectors in France. In particular, he evoked terrible memories, which prove how cruel humans can be. As he lamented, with the garbage collector’s uniform, some people allow themselves to throw cigarette butts at him, throw rubbish next to the bins, and even worse, spit on him. A testimony that broke the hearts of Internet users. Twittos have expressed their disgust and the shame they sometimes feel towards “the human”.

“Not all superheroes wear capes”

Faced with so much kindness, sincerity, and joie de vivre, a wave of respect has emerged on Twitter. Many Internet users have paid tribute to the courage of this man who is so essential, and yet so “invisible”. As some point out, Ludovic’s testimony puts us “a slap in the face”. And one of them recalled it so nicely: “Not all superheroes wear a cape”. This portrait of the week in “Seven to eight” was unanimous and the followers of the show had only one desire, to say a big “thank you” to this garbage collector star of TikTok, but above all, to all the people who do this job, and who remain in the shadows.

For many, this report was a “true life lesson”. And Ludovic is happy that French people listen and take part in his cause, benevolence as well as respect between individuals and the planet.

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