“The Voice Kids” on TF1: Louane ready to “roll on the ground” for Sacha

She warned at the start of the show: “I am a competitor. If I have a crush, I am ready to fight”. Throughout the duration of the 4th episode of “The Voice Kids”this Saturday night on TF1, Louane kept his word. The new juror, who still lacked four candidates to complete her team, played on all registers to conquer her favorites. Most often successfully, ensuring the show, in front of three other jurors who knew how to take it with humor.

The first to crack her up, along with the viewers, is Lola-Rose, a 7-year-old little one, as cute as the red pandas she loves with her little bow in her long hair. Fan of Maëlle, who won the front page telecrochet in 2018, the youngest with a pretty clear voice quickly provokes emotion with her cover of “Mass Effect”. Louane turns around first and immediately launches a pleading “leave her to me” to the other armchairs.

However, they will follow a few minutes later in front of the very nice performance, greeted by an enthusiastic public but also by Maëlle in person, via Nikos Aliagas’ mobile phone. “Sweetheart, you are beautiful… Please come with me,” Louane outbids before winning. “It’s the talent I wanted, lalala…”, improvises the interpreter of “Give me your heart”, singing and dancing on the set.

“Hello, security, we have a problem with the new coach…”

A great energy, as they say in “The Voice”, which she will still use to attract Sacha, 13, a boy who looks like a well-behaved child, from the Gard. From the first notes of “Fix you” by Coldplay, Louane cracks. “It’s my favorite band,” she says. As soon as the song is over, while two other jurors are also in the running, she gets up to take him by the hand and lead him away.

“Hello, security, we have a problem with the new coach…”, laughs Patrick Fiori. “I’m ready to roll on the floor for you to come to my team. I know, it’s not very respectable what I’m doing, and I apologize for it, but frankly that kind of thing doesn’t often happen to me, “she justifies, before Sacha decides to join his clan.

Moments of laughter and emotions that will be the last of the blind auditions. This Saturday evening, each coach filled up with his twelve candidates. “We have crazy teams”, noted Patrick Fiori, before making an appointment next week for the first battles bonus. With perhaps a Louane in such great shape…

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