their looks soften internet users

Jacques and Gabriella from Monaco have just returned to school on Monday 5 November. They surprised everyone by appearing with atypical accessories, far from royal codes.

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In this month of September, no one escapes the return to school, not even the future heirs to the throne. After the French, on Thursday 1 September, it’s the turn of Monegasque schoolchildren to discover their new teachers. The photographers thus immortalized the return to school of the prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella of Monaco. The holidays are well and truly over for the two heirs to the throne. These last few months, however, have not been easy for the twins of Prince Albert II, who have multiplied the activities. Last July, they even received their diploma “Seadventures Summer Camp” after completing an internship to discover sailing and raise awareness of the marine world. A pride for their parentsbut serious things begin.

The twins are already imposing their style

This Monday, September 5, Gabriella and Jacques de Monaco were back to school, accompanied by the Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene. If both were wearing their school uniform (red T-Shirt and blue jeans), they were still able to impose their style with a few accessories. The princess Gabriella opted for a headband with cat ears, bracelets of colored beads and a pink bag with sequins. By his side, the Prince Jacques preferred a school bag from the video game mario and a small crest for her hair. An (almost) normal arrival for the two heirs aged 7 years. On the web, it was enough to move Internet users. “Adorables”, “Good luck”, “How beautiful they are”, “Good luck”… can we read in the comments.

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Back to school for Jacques and Gabriella of Monaco

It was hand in hand that the twins decided to listen to the back-to-school speech. A scene immortalized by many photographers present. It must be said that this is a new step for Jacques and Gabriella of Monaco, who are returning to school, as normal, without the pressure of the global pandemic. In 2021, Prince Albert II had decided to withdraw his children from school for security reasons. So that the latter did not feel isolated, he had decided to reconstitute a small class at the palace with four friends of the twins and the same teachers they had in their institution. Another era.

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